Metal Idols

The problem with immersion of both Plaster of Paris as well as clay or Shaadu idols is that it changes the chemical composition of the water and can be harmful for marine life. A good alternative to both these idols is metal idols.

Metal Ganesh idols made from White metal (German silver), Bronze or Panchdhatu (alloy of five metals) are popularly used in Ganesh utsav these days.

Metal idols have their own charm and their biggest plus point is that they do not harm the environment since they are not immersed in lakes or rivers. The budget for the idol depends upon the kind of plating you opt for. For silver plating, it can range from Rs.12, 000-20,000. But it is one time investment since after the festival; the idol is immersed at home and then is kept away till the next year.

About the maintenance, since it is a metal idol, nothing much is needed except polishing after a few years. The silver idols need polishing every 2-3 years while the gold plated idols need polishing every 7-8 years.

Advantages of having a Metal Idol

  1. Does not need to be immersed
  2. Does not pollute the water bodies
  3. Does not contain harmful chemicals
  4. No need to repaint
  5. One time investment, can be reused every year