Process for making a Sheshnaag decoration:

Ingredients needed:
1. Newspapers
2. Tissue paper
3. Green coloured paints- acrylic or fabric colour, 3 small bottles.
4. Pieces of strings
5. Wire- thickness should be such that it can stay in the same shape as we mould it and carry the weight of the paper stuck on it.
6. Handmade paper- Dark green colour.
7. Fevicol
8. Water in a dish.

Time required: 2 days.

Expenses incurred:
Handmade paper- Rs.25
Wire (4 metres)- Rs.20
Paints- Rs.60
Fevicol- Rs.30
Tissue paper- Rs.20
Total-Rs. 155

Process for making it-
Take the newspaper and twist it into a cyclindrical shape of the body of the snake.


Stick such pieces to each other to form a long body. Make the body of the length, which will be enough to make three coils of the body on top of each other. The entire size of the Sheshnaag depends on the size of the Ganesh idol.


Next, mix a bit of fevicol with water in the dish.  


Take tissue paper and layer it across the body of the snake. Use the mixture of fevicol and water to paste it on top of the body.


Cover the entire body of the snake in this fashion. Leave it to dry for 1 day.


Take the Green handmade paper and draw the shape of the snake’s hood on it. You can draw either 5 or 6 smaller hoods along with one main hood of the Sheshnaag. Use a chalk to draw on the paper.

Cut on the outlines drawn.


Now cut a piece of wire according to the size of the hood.

Take a strip of the remaining handmade green paper and stick the wire in the centre of the hood with fevicol firmly. Hold it in place for 5 minutes as it takes time for the wire to hold on to paper.

Repeat the process for all the remaining 4 hoods. Leave it to dry.

Now create a light shade of yellow colour and paint the inner side of the hood where the wire is stuck to give a design to it. Take a darker shade of yellow and draw lines on the yellow patch.

Now slightly bend the entire structure of the hood to make it look like its raised.

Take the piece of string and dip it in red colour.

Cut small pieces and stick them to the hood to give the effect of fangs. Stick them using a piece of green handmade paper. Leave it to dry.

Paint the entire body of the snake in green acrylic/fabric colour.

Once dry after 3-4 hours, stick the hood to the body using fevicol/cellotape. The cellotape will not be seen as the Ganesha idol will be kept in front of it.

Once the structure is ready, you can install the Ganesha idol inside it in your home.