Process for making fan decoration:

Ingredients :

  1. Cardboard-full sheet.    =Rs. 24
  2. Coloured marble paper-= Rs. 20 (Rs.5 per packet)
    (you can also take a few sheets of paper which are thicker)
  3. Pencil for drawing.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Fevicol.
  6. Stapler

Total             =Rs. 44

Time required: 2 days.

Process for making it-

Cut each marble paper into half. Make a fan out of it.&

Staple the edges of the fan, staple at the very edge.


The number of fans will depend on the size and type of design you draw.

Take the cardboard paper, divide it into half and draw any design you feel like. Cut the shape.

Take the other half and cut out the same design and stick it to the first half so as to make it thicker.

Take the fans and stick them to the cardboard design one by one. You will have to adjust the fans and place them upside down sometimes to see that they fit in together. See that there is not gap in the cardboard which can be seen.


If there is any gap and a fan cannot fit in the small space, cut the existing fan into a smaller one and stick it in there.


Thus, your entire design will be covered.


The Ganesh statue can now be installed in front of it. Let the design take the support of the wall behind it or stick it to the wall for support.