Process for making butterfly decoration:

Ingredients needed:

  1. Beads,colourful- 39 dozens, Rs.5 per dozen= 39X5= Rs. 195
  2. Fevicol
  3. Thick thread and a big needle
  4. Marble paper   - 4 packets =4XRs.5= Rs.   20
  5. Stapler
  6. Cellotape

              Total = Rs. 215

Time required: 2 days.

Process for making it-
Take a marble paper and fold it to make a butterfly as shown. Make 40 such butterflies and staple the backside so that they remain in the same position.



                                                     Now your butterfly is ready.

Needle the thread to make a sufficiently long length of the thread and tie a knot.

Take a small piece of paper, fold it thrice to make it thick and insert it in the thread. This will form the base so that the beads will not slip out.


Now insert around 10 beads of different colour in the thread.


Take a butterfly and use cellotape to stick it on the thread above the beads.


Now fill another 10-11 beads of different colour above the butterfly.

Insert 7 such butterflies in one thread. (The length of the thread & number of butterflies will depend on the size of the Ganesh statue).  Make this the longest thread in the total 3 that we are going to make, for one side.




Finally, after the last butterfly, insert 10 more beads and then insert a thick piece of paper to finally lock the thread.

Make two more such threads with butterflies and beads and keep them of an ascending length so that it will give an attractive look.

Make 3 such similar bunch of threads for the other side also.

Now you can install the Ganesh statue in the centre and hang both the bunch of threads on either side.