Process for making beads and stick decoration:

Ingredients required and expenses:

  1. Some leaves of coconut tree= (no cost)
  2. Beads of various colours with holes=25 sticks,
    5 beads on each stick, Rs.5 per dozen=Rs. 42
  1. Fevicol=Rs. 30
  2. Flower pot=Rs.200
  3. Knife

Total=Rs. 272

Time required: 1½day.

Process for making it-
Take the coconut leaves and peel the leaf covering, so that the stem part in the middle remains.

Make all the 25 leaves in similar way.

Use the knife to make the sticks finer. Don’t make them very fine, let them be a bit thicker. Make sure that there are no green remnants of the leaf on the stick as it doesn’t give a good look.


Put some fevicol on the stick and paste each bead. Keep some distance of 7-8 cm between each bead. Do not put the bead at the very bottom of the stick as it won’t be seen.

Paste the beads on alternating heights on various sticks so that all beads are not exactly at the same height and each stick looks different.

Thus, stick approximately 5-6 beads on each stick.

Take a flower pot which has openings for keeping flowers on two sides. Take any other flower pot to support the remaining sticks.


We used two glasses in addition to the flower pot and put clay inside it so that the sticks will remain in their places firmly.


We arranged it on the table where we will be installing the Ganesh idol.

Arrange the sticks in such a way that they fan out. Arrange the sticks carefully as the sticks tend to lump-up together on one side and fall.          



When all the sticks are set, the decoration is complete and you can install the Ganesh idol in front of it.