9 Tips to make your Ganesha Green…

Want to celebrate Ganeshotsav but don’t want to harm the environment? Here are tips for you!

  1. Green Idol: Do not buy Ganesh idols made from PoP (Plaster of Paris) instead look for idols made from paper Mache, clay or install a metal idol.

  2. Green paint: While choosing a clay model, make sure that the colors used on it are eco friendly and do not contain metallic compounds which can be poisonous for the aquatic life.

  3. Smaller Size: Reduce the size of the ganesh idol you bring home, this will reduce the harm caused by its immersion.

  4. Green Decorations: Instead of going for decoration made from thermocol, use innovative ideas for decorations like colorful flowers, lights, cloth drapes.

  5. Simple Celebrations: Go for a simple celebration which keeps the essence of the festival alive along with the traditional and religious aspects of it.

  6. Green Immersions: On the day of immersion, immerse your idols at artificial ponds in your area do not immerse them in rivers, lakes or sea.

  7. Disposing Waste: Do not throw the flowers, garlands in the water while immersion, dispose them in a paper bag in the nirmalya or waste bins installed by the municipality.

  8. No nuisance, please: Also while you take your idol for immersion, avoid using bands or huge speakers which causes nuisance to young and old alike.

  9. Common Celebration: Talk to your family and friends and help reduce the number of idols immersed by having a common Ganesh idol. This will not only reduce the strain on environment but also increase the joy of the festival.